Anbernic RG35XX H Review: Best Budget Retro Handheld

Anbernic RG35XX H Review: Best Budget Retro Handheld

Today, we’re diving into the latest offering from Anbernic – the all-new Anbernic RG35XX H. If you’ve been following Anbernic’s recent releases, you’ll recall the buzz generated by the RG35XX Plus last month, featuring the powerful AllWinner H700 CPU. Well, the excitement continues with the RG35XX H, promising even better performance than its predecessor.

The RG35XX Plus introduced a DMG-style form factor, reminiscent of the classic Game Boy, adopting a vertical layout. However, with the RG35XX H, Anbernic takes a bold step by presenting a horizontal layout.

But that’s not all – Anbernic has upped the ante by including dual analog sticks in the RG35XX H game console. This enhancement caters to gamers who crave precise control and expands the range of games that can be comfortably played on this handheld device.

The retail price for this cutting-edge handheld is set at an attractive $89.99 USD, making it an affordable option for gaming enthusiasts.

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Anbernic RG35XX H: Video Review

SpecsAnbernic RG35XX H
Screen3.5-inch IPS full viewing angle, OCA full lamination/ 640 x 480
CPUAllwinner H700 quad-core ARM Cortex-A53, 1.5GHz frequency
GPUDual- core G31 MP2
Storage64GB TF/MicroSD
WIFI2.4/5G WIFI 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
BluetoothBluetooth 4.2
GamesSupport 30+ kinds of simulator. Support users to download games in relevant formats
SpeakerHigh-fidelity speaker
TF cardDual card slots, support TF card expansion, maximum 512GB;
64GB SD card (compatible 5000+ games);
64GB+128GB SD card (compatible total 10000+ games)
BatteryLi-polymer battery 3300mAh, lasting 8 hours
Charging5V/1.5A, support C2C charger
Other functionSupport 2.4G wireless and wired controller, Bluetooth Handle Connection,
HDMI output TV, Vibration motor. WIFI online pairing, Streaming
Dimensions 14.5 x 6.9 x 1.6 cm
Weight 0.180 kg
ColorBlack / Purple Translucent / White Translucent

Anbernic RG35XX H: Design

The handheld’s form factor is a major highlight, perfectly fitting into your pocket for gaming on the move. But its appeal goes beyond just portability; the RG35XX H boasts a feature-rich design that caters to the needs of retro gaming aficionados.

Anbernic RG35XX H Review: Best Budget Retro Handheld

At the forefront are the dual analog sticks, strategically placed for optimal control. The use of micro switches for the shoulder buttons and triggers ensures precise and responsive input during gameplay. Underneath the d-pad and face buttons (ABXY), Anbernic employs a conductive pad, featuring their acclaimed d-pad design. This d-pad has gained a reputation for excellence, particularly among fans of retro gaming. It proves to be a stellar choice for executing special moves in fighting games and navigating challenging platformers with finesse.

Anbernic RG35XX H Review: Best Budget Retro Handheld

The inclusion of dual stereo speakers is another noteworthy enhancement. Positioned downward, the speakers manage to deliver impressive audio quality. What’s interesting is the clever design that reflects sound off the user’s palm, creating a surprisingly immersive audio experience. This is a step up from the previous model that featured a single speaker. The beloved Anbernic d-pad, along with the conductive pads under the face buttons, further contributes to a satisfying tactile feel during gaming sessions.

Anbernic RG35XX H Review: Best Budget Retro Handheld

Moving to the top of the device, you’ll find a well-thought-out layout. Shoulder buttons and triggers, equipped with micro switches, offer a premium feel. The presence of a 3.5mm audio jack allows for versatile audio options. The dual USB Type-C ports, a mini HDMI port, and a menu button showcase the RG35XX H’s adaptability. Gamers can easily connect the device to a larger screen for an enhanced gaming experience. The menu button provides quick access to settings, whether you’re using RetroArch or another standalone emulator.

Anbernic RG35XX H Review: Best Budget Retro Handheld

The right side features a dedicated power button and a reset button for seamless control. On the left side, a volume rocker ensures effortless audio adjustments. Finally, the bottom of the handheld reveals a practical addition – dual micro SD card slots, offering ample storage for a vast library of game ROMs and content.


The Anbernic RG35XX H is a powerhouse when it comes to specifications, closely resembling its predecessor, the RG35XX Plus. The device is equipped with an Allwinner H700, a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU clocked at 1.5 GHz. Paired with a Mali G31 MP2 GPU, this combination delivers a punchy performance that surpasses the RG3566, providing an optimal gaming experience for enthusiasts.

Anbernic RG35XX H Review: Best Budget Retro Handheld

In terms of memory, the RG35XX H boasts 1 GB of LP DDR4 RAM, ensuring smooth multitasking and efficient operation of various emulators. The handheld features a 3.5-inch IPS display with a resolution of 640×480, providing crisp visuals for your gaming pleasure.

Connectivity options are robust, with 5 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. The inclusion of dual microSD card slots is a thoughtful addition, offering ample storage for an extensive library of game ROMs. While you could run everything from a single microSD card, the dual-card setup provides convenient expansion for those looking to diversify their gaming collection.

Adding to the immersive gaming experience is a vibration motor with ten levels of feedback, allowing players to feel the action in their hands. The device is powered by a 3,300 mAh battery, promising decent battery life for extended gaming sessions.

Running on a Linux operating system, the RG35XX H ensures a stable and reliable platform for gaming. While the system offers limited customizability in its current state, it is anticipated that the community will develop custom firmware, providing users with additional features and tweaks.

Anbernic RG35XX H Review: Best Budget Retro Handheld

Navigating through the device is intuitive, with a menu offering various options such as game rooms, retro Arch settings, and a search function. The inclusion of a mini HDMI port allows users to connect the handheld to larger displays, enhancing the gaming experience.

Anbernic RG35XX H Review: Best Budget Retro Handheld

The RG35XX H’s performance truly shines when put to the test with emulators. The device effortlessly handles various emulated systems, including PSP, Dreamcast, PlayStation, Neo Geo, and many more. The inclusion of dual analog sticks enhances the gameplay experience, especially evident in Dreamcast emulation, as demonstrated with the smooth running of Crazy Taxi 2.


The Anbernic RG35XX H showcases impressive capabilities across various gaming platforms.

Navigating through the user interface, the RG35XX H organizes games into different sections like game rooms, RetroArch, and standalone emulators. The search function simplifies the process of finding specific games, and the inclusion of favorites and history categories adds a touch of user convenience.

Retro Arch, a versatile frontend for various emulators, takes center stage in the RG35XX H. Supported platforms range from the classic Game Boy to more advanced systems like Dreamcast and PSP.

Anbernic RG35XX H Review: Best Budget Retro Handheld

The array of emulators available caters to a diverse gaming audience, from fans of the legendary Dreamcast with titles like Crazy Taxi 2, to the fast-paced action of PSP games, demonstrated with the PSP version of Street Fighter Alpha 3. The performance of the H700 chipset shines through, handling these emulations with surprising finesse.

Testing the device with Naomi and Atomas Wave games, like Dolphin Blue, showcases the RG35XX H’s ability to handle more demanding titles. While there might be occasional slowdowns in particle-intensive scenes, it’s a notable improvement over previous chipsets.

Anbernic RG35XX H Review: Best Budget Retro Handheld

PlayStation emulation, from classics like Gran Turismo to the fast-paced Bloody Roar 2, runs flawlessly on the RG35XX H. The H700 chip proves to be a significant upgrade, eliminating previous issues seen on lower-end chipsets.

Anbernic RG35XX H Review: Best Budget Retro Handheld

Game Boy emulation on the RG35XX H is a nostalgic delight, with the device’s 4×3 aspect ratio display effectively scaling up visuals. Additionally, the ability to customize the display to mimic the original Game Boy, or DMG, provides users with a personalized retro experience.

The RG35XX H’s conductive pad d-pad receives praise for its quality, offering a responsive and satisfying feel during gameplay. The handheld’s performance in various scenarios, from dark Game Boy screens to intense PSP action, underscores its versatility.


In terms of battery life, the Anbernic RG35XX H has been put through some rigorous testing. In a dedicated test with screen brightness set at 100% and a continuous loop of Soul Caliber using the Flycast core, the device delivered a commendable 6 hours and 45 minutes of gaming time. It’s important to note that this test was conducted with a demanding game, and the battery life may vary depending on the intensity of the titles being played.

The battery life results are promising, especially considering the full brightness setting during the test. For users engaging in less demanding games or activities that don’t heavily tax the CPU and GPU, the RG35XX H is likely to offer even more extended playtime.

Anbernic RG35XX H: Conclusion

Overall, the experience with the RG35XX H has been positive. The handheld has proven itself as a capable and enjoyable device for retro gaming. The anticipation for what the community might achieve with custom firmware tweaks and modifications is high. Even with the stock firmware, the device has performed admirably, showing the potential of the H700 chipset.

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The prospect of a different frontend or a more customized user interface is exciting, and it’s expected that the H700 chipset will find its way into more devices in the future. Keep an eye out for future updates and developments in the community, as there are bound to be more exciting features and enhancements on the horizon.

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