Baseus Eli Sport 1 Review: Good sound, comfort and autonomy!

Baseus Eli Sport 1 Review: Good sound, comfort and autonomy!

Today we’re reviewing the Baseus Eli Sport 1 Open-Ear Headphones. Open-ear headphones have gained popularity due to their ability to allow users to stay aware of their surroundings while enjoying audio content.

Eli Sport 1 headphones are equipped with Bluetooth 5.3 technology and provide a stable and efficient connection with compatible devices. Although they only support AAC and SBC Bluetooth codecs, this limitation is understandable given the open design, which focuses on environmental protection rather than absolute sound isolation.

The use of large 16.2 mm drivers is noteworthy, as open-back headphones require robust drivers that can compete with ambient noise and deliver impressive sound.

Let’s start the review and find out their strengths and weaknesses.

Baseus Open Ear Headphone - Eli Sport 1
  • Baseus Open Ear Headphone - Eli Sport 1

Baseus Eli Sport 1: Video Review

SpecsBaseus Eli Sport 1
BluetoothBluetooth V5.3
Bluetooth Range10m (without obstacles)
Bluetooth codecAAC and SBC
Drivers16.2 mm
MicrophonesAI-Powered 4 Mics
Frequency response range20Hz-20kHz
Playback timeAbout 7.5 hours (with volume at 50%)
Battery capacity 65mAh (earbuds), 600mAh (charging casse)
Charge timeAbout 1 hour
Charge portUSB-C
Item Weight84g
Headset Weight 9.9g
ColorStellar White, Aurora Green, Cosmic Black

Baseus Eli Sport 1: Design

The Baseus Eli Sport 1 true wireless earbuds offer a blend of aesthetic appeal, practical design features, and functionality tailored for active lifestyles. Beginning with the charging box, its design is undeniably eye-catching. The upper cover crafted from transparent plastic provides a window into the earbuds inside, akin to a “panoramic sunroof.” Complementing this is the base made of sleek matte white plastic, with the interior sporting a matte gray finish. The magnetic closure of the box lid adds to the premium feel, offering a satisfyingly firm closure. However, the transparent cover’s susceptibility to fingerprints is a minor falter.

Baseus Eli Sport 1 Review: Good sound, comfort and autonomy!

Moving to the earbuds themselves, they boast a minimalist yet stylish design, available in a range of colors including the clean white and neon green model. This design choice extends beyond aesthetics, with practical features like a fluorescent effect on the ear hook part enhancing visibility during nighttime activities, enhancing safety for runners and cyclists.

Baseus Eli Sport 1 Review: Good sound, comfort and autonomy!

Weighing in at just 9.9g per side, these earbuds are distinctively lightweight, thanks in part to the titanium alloy frame embedded in the ear hook section. The addition of the silicone layer ensures high skin-friendliness, catering to extended wear without discomfort. earbuds maintain stability during movement, with no significant sliding or interference with glasses, thanks to thoughtful design elements.

At the core of the Eli Sport 1’s design is its speaker output, strategically positioned at a 20-degree offset angle. This angled unit design, reminiscent of high-end headphones, ensures that sound is directed more precisely towards the ear canal, optimizing the efficiency of audio transmission.

Baseus Eli Sport 1 Review: Good sound, comfort and autonomy!

The Eli Sport 1 incorporates several air pressure balancing holes on the surface of the headset cavity. These holes play a crucial role in maintaining optimal airflow within the earbud, contributing to consistent sound performance and minimizing unwanted pressure build-up.

Moreover, the placement of the microphone hole at the bottom of the cavity panel, in close proximity to the mouth, enhances sound pickup capability during calls and voice commands.

Baseus Eli Sport 1 Review: Good sound, comfort and autonomy!

One standout feature of the Eli Sport 1 is its dual-mode wearing design, offering versatility for different usage scenarios. While the default true wireless mode provides freedom of movement, the rear-mounted mode introduces a unique approach to stability. By attaching the rear lanyard and adjusting its length, users can secure the earbuds around their necks for added stability during intense activities. However, this mode sacrifices the convenience of seamless charging, as the earbuds cannot be properly placed in the charging box while in this configuration.

Waterproofing with an IPX4 rating ensures durability in the face of sweat, light rain, and other moisture, making these earbuds suitable companions for various outdoor and fitness activities.


The Baseus Eli Sport 1 offers a straightforward approach to controls, although there is a slight learning curve due to a discrepancy between the instruction manual and the actual touch-sensitive area on the earbuds. Contrary to the manual, the touch controls are located in the center of the earbuds rather than on the circular logo. Once this distinction is understood, users can navigate the controls more effectively, though some inconsistency in responsiveness may still occur.

Baseus Eli Sport 1 Review: Good sound, comfort and autonomy!

Despite the initial confusion, the earbuds provide comprehensive control over various functions straight out of the box, eliminating the need for extensive customization via the accompanying app. Notably, the absence of single-tap functions helps prevent accidental touches, contributing to a smoother user experience.

A notable omission from the Eli Sport 1 is the lack of a wear sensor, which is understandable given the earbuds’ dual-mode wearing options. However, Baseus compensates for this by including a Hall switch in the charging box for convenient power management.


The Baseus Eli Sport 1 earbuds are fully compatible with the Baseus app, offering users a range of customization options and features to enhance their listening experience.

One notable feature of the Baseus app is its ability to switch between different EQ options, allowing users to tailor the sound profile to their preferences. However, it is important to be careful when switching between equalizer settings, as there may be a sudden increase in volume when switching from the default equalizer mode to the custom mode.

Baseus Eli Sport 1 Review: Good sound, comfort and autonomy!

Among the app’s features is the option to activate the bass enhancement feature, which significantly enriches the low-frequency response, making it a must-have for bass enthusiasts.

Furthermore, users can enable the gaming mode through the app, which reduces latency for an optimal gaming experience.

Also, the app includes a “find my earbuds” feature, allowing users to locate their earbuds if they happen to misplace them.


For those intending to use the earbuds for phone calls, the Eli Sport 1 boasts four environmental noise-canceling microphones, augmented by AI technology to mitigate both environmental noise and wind interference. This feature is particularly crucial for maintaining call clarity in outdoor settings where wind noise can be problematic, such as during biking or running. A demonstration of the mic performance reveals a slight presence of digital noise and added warmth to the voice, but overall, the noise-canceling capabilities prove effective in dampening background noise.

Sound quality

The Baseus Eli Sport 1 earbuds deliver an impressive sound experience that defies expectations, particularly in the realm of bass performance. Upon initial use, the out-of-the-box bass response is already commendable, a rarity for open ear style earbuds. However, the true revelation comes with the activation of the bass enhancement feature via the accompanying app.

Baseus Eli Sport 1 Review: Good sound, comfort and autonomy!

With the bass enhancement engaged, the Eli Sport 1 produces a bass response that is not only audible but palpable. The earbuds transmit vibrations that can be felt when held in hand, adding a tactile dimension to the listening experience.

Across various music genres, the bass remains clean and defined, avoiding the common pitfall of becoming muddy or overpowering. Whether it’s the thumping beats of hip-hop or the intricate basslines of jazz, the Eli Sport 1 reproduces bass with a satisfying punch and clarity.

Moreover, the earbuds maintain a balanced sound signature, with a slight boost in the midrange ensuring vocal clarity and prominence. This makes them equally adept at handling dialogue in TV shows, movies, and podcasts, ensuring that voices remain clear and intelligible.

Baseus Eli Sport 1 Review: Good sound, comfort and autonomy!

In the treble range, the Eli Sport 1 shines with its clean and detailed presentation. High frequencies are rendered with precision, capturing subtle nuances and intricacies in audio content without veering into harshness. From the shimmer of cymbals to the delicate nuances in movie soundtracks, the earbuds excel in reproducing treble elements with finesse.

The design of the Eli Sport 1 also contributes to its impressive soundstage and imaging capabilities. The open ear style allows for a wide and expansive soundstage, creating an immersive listening environment where sounds feel spatially distinct and well-separated.


The Baseus Eli Sport 1 earbuds offer a dedicated low-latency mode, enhancing the overall user experience, particularly for gaming and multimedia consumption. Through testing, we observed significant improvements in streaming video delay after activating the low-latency mode. When connected to the AAC protocol on an iPhone 14, the delay was reduced to a level conducive to gaming, making it suitable for a variety of audio-centric games and providing a more immersive gaming experience.

Baseus Eli Sport 1 Review: Good sound, comfort and autonomy!

Signal stability is another area where the Eli Sport 1 excels. Whether connected via the SBC or AAC protocol, users can expect consistent signal transmission without packet loss or lag, even in complex signal environments.

The dual device connection feature is a standard offering in Baseus headphones. While we won’t delve into its specifics here, it’s worth noting that this feature provides added convenience and flexibility, allowing users to seamlessly switch between multiple devices without hassle.


Battery life is a crucial consideration for any pair of wireless earbuds, and the Eli Sport 1 delivers commendable performance in this regard. The headphones’ continuous playback time is about 7.5 hours. Furthermore, when combined with the charging case, the earbuds offer a total of 30 hours of continuous playback, ensuring longevity for on-the-go use.

Baseus Eli Sport 1 Review: Good sound, comfort and autonomy!

The inclusion of BRC instant flash charging technology enables quick top-ups, with just five minutes of charging providing up to two hours of playback—a convenient feature for users with busy lifestyles.

Baseus Eli Sport 1: Conclusion

The Baseus Eli Sport 1 earbuds offer exceptional value, even at their original price point of $69. In fact, I believe they can compete with more expensive open ear style earbuds priced at $150 or even $200, particularly due to their impressive sound quality. While there are some drawbacks, such as the absence of advanced Bluetooth codecs and occasional inconsistencies with touch controls, these factors are outweighed by the earbuds’ standout features.

Baseus Open Ear Headphone - Eli Sport 1
  • Baseus Open Ear Headphone - Eli Sport 1

Additionally, the inclusion of a neckband attachment adds versatility and convenience, providing users with the option for added stability during activities without compromising on comfort.

While the IPX4 rating may seem modest, it is in line with industry standards for open ear style earbuds and should suffice for most everyday use cases.

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