Dreame L30 Ultra Review: The most efficient robot vacuum cleaner

Dreame L30 Ultra Review: The most efficient robot vacuum cleaner

Today we are reviewing a new premium robot vacuum cleaner, Dreame L30 Ultra. Priced at approximately $1,700, the L30 Ultra robot vacuum reflects Dreame’s commitment to reasserting its presence in the elite segment.

At the heart of the Dreame L30 Ultra’s prowess lies its innovative combination of cutting-edge features, marrying the precision of a camera-equipped vacuum cleaner with the convenience of a sophisticated base station. This fusion promises an unparalleled cleaning experience, setting the L30 Ultra apart from its counterparts.

Within its sleek exterior, the L30 Ultra houses an internal dust catcher boasting a generous 350 ml capacity, ensuring prolonged cleaning sessions without interruption. Complementing this is the spacious bag integrated into the base station, capable of accommodating up to 3.2 liters of debris.

Powering the Dreame L30 Ultra is a robust 6,400 mAh battery, delivering an impressive runtime of up to 180 minutes on a single charge.

Equipped with two mops and a brush roll, the L30 Ultra harnesses a formidable suction power of 7,300 Pa, effortlessly tackling dirt and debris with precision and efficacy. Moreover, the inclusion of a mop for hot water cleaning underscores Dreame’s dedication to elevating the standards of cleanliness.

SpecsDreame L30 Ultra
Robot Vacuum
Dimensions350 x 350 x105 mm /13 x 13 x 4 inch
Battery Capacity6,400mAh
Dust Box Volume350mL
Water Tank Volume80mL
Maximum Suction7300Pa
Threshold Crossing10.5 mm
Lowest Noise63dB
Base Station
Dimensions60.7x42.6 x 50 cm / 23.8 x 16.7 x 19.6 inch
Weight23.8 kg
Dust Bag Volume3.2L
Clean Water Tank4.5L
Maximum Runtime260 mins (vacuuming only or mopping only in Quiet Mode)
180 mins (vacuuming and mopping in Quiet Mode)
Cleaning FeaturesVacuum only, Mop only, Vacuum and mop, Vacuum then mop
Special FeatureAnti-Collision, Automatic Dust Collection, LiDAR Navigation,
Auto Mop Washing, Anti-Fall
Control MethodApp, Touch, Voice

Dreame L30 Ultra: Base station

The Dreame L30 Ultra arrives with an impressive array of components, prominently featuring a docking station and the sleek vacuum cleaner itself.

The base station commands attention with its matte black plastic exterior. Its dimensions, measuring at 60.7×42.6 x 50 cm, dwarf its predecessors. Such size considerations are crucial to anticipate before finding its permanent residence within your living space.

Dreame L30 Ultra Review: The most efficient robot vacuum cleaner

Externally, the front panel exudes modernity with its vertical stripes tapering into a horizontal gold accent. A discrete section, devoid of any embellishments, conceals the dust collection bag access. Engaging with this compartment involves a simple slide to reveal the cavity awaiting the robot’s return.

Dreame L30 Ultra Review: The most efficient robot vacuum cleaner

Atop the front facade, three touch-sensitive buttons offer manual control options: “leave the station,” “start cleaning,” and “dry the mop.” This intuitive interface caters to users who prefer hands-on commands or have yet to integrate smartphone applications for remote operation.

Flipping to the rear side, practical features await. A socket for the power cable installation is flanked by loops, easier cable management. The recessed power button ensures accidental activation is avoided. Concealed beneath protective covers lie connectors for plumbing integration, ensuring hassle-free water supply management.

Dreame L30 Ultra Review: The most efficient robot vacuum cleaner

Opening the top cover unveils the heart of the station. Divided compartments neatly house waste and clean water reservoirs, accommodating 4 liters and 4.5 liters, respectively. A designated space for specialized cleaning liquids and brush storage reinforces the station’s versatility.

Dreame L30 Ultra Review: The most efficient robot vacuum cleaner

The lower base houses essential components for efficient operation. A signal zone guides the robot upon arrival, while charging contacts ensure uninterrupted power supply. Strategic openings facilitate automatic water supply and waste water intake, optimizing cleaning efficiency. Additionally, removable panels allow easy maintenance of mop rollers, ensuring optimal performance.

Robot vacuum

The L30 Ultra robot itself has a familiar round shape and features screw-on round mops and a three-beam brush for comprehensive cleaning.

Upon inspection, the attention to detail becomes evident, with thick and durable plastic construction that exudes a sense of reliability.

Dreame L30 Ultra Review: The most efficient robot vacuum cleaner

The matte finish on the sides and top cover adds to the device’s sleek aesthetic, while the completely removable top panel grants easy access to the modest 350 ml dust container. The inclusion of a reset button and a Wi-Fi network indicator enhances user convenience.

Measuring at 35 x 35 x 10.5 cm and weighing 4300 grams, the L30 Ultra strikes a balance between compactness and robustness. The front side hosts an advanced object recognition system comprising an RGB camera and two linear laser sensors, ensuring efficient navigation and obstacle avoidance. Additionally, two bright LED panels provide illumination, enhancing visibility during cleaning tasks.

Equipped with LiDAR technology, the L30 Ultra offers precise mapping capabilities, crucial for efficient cleaning routes. A dark window on the left side houses another sensor, enabling the device to detect edges effectively.

Dreame L30 Ultra Review: The most efficient robot vacuum cleaner

Functional buttons located near the LiDAR include options to return to the base and initiate spot cleaning, adding versatility to the cleaning process.

Dreame L30 Ultra Review: The most efficient robot vacuum cleaner

Turning to the backside, two contact pads facilitate battery charging, while holes allow for easy refilling of the built-in 80 ml water reservoir. A curtain with a rubber plug serves for convenient garbage disposal, complemented by a speakerphone and air outlet holes during vacuuming operations.

Dreame L30 Ultra Review: The most efficient robot vacuum cleaner

The bottom section reveals mop holders, facilitating the attachment of cloth napkins for mopping tasks. Fall sensors, floor detection covering sensors, and robust wheels with ample ground clearance ensure seamless navigation across various surfaces.

Completing the ensemble are a side brush for edge cleaning, a guide wheel for stability, and a main brush crafted from silicone for efficient dirt collection.

Software and features

The robot vacuum cleaner connects to the network quite easily. And the program contains all possible device settings.

Before initiating cleaning, the system guides users through a series of questions aimed at streamlining and automating the cleaning process. From preferences on using warm water for mop cleaning to the need for pet-specific cleaning modes, the app caters to individual needs and preferences with precision.

Dreame L30 Ultra Review: The most efficient robot vacuum cleaner

Voice control adds another layer of convenience, with options to select the language of the voice assistant and initiate commands with a simple “Hey Dreamy.” Whether it’s starting a cleaning cycle, generating a map, checking battery levels, or locating the robot, the voice assistant simplifies interaction with the device.

The Dreame Home app offers two distinct settings options: CleanGenius for hassle-free cleaning and manual mode for users who prefer complete control over their cleaning routines. Additionally, the app provides a visual treat with the option to receive a 3D map of your space and place furniture within it, enhancing the overall user experience.

Moreover, the Dreame app empowers users to customize the L30 Ultra’s settings with remarkable granularity. From aligning cleaning patterns with floor grain to automatically adding cleaning solution and re-washing mop pads, the L30 Ultra adapts its approach to ensure optimal cleaning results. It intelligently adjusts its cleaning technique when encountering carpets, preventing overfitting by either elevating or detaching the mop pads.

Dreame L30 Ultra Review: The most efficient robot vacuum cleaner

A standout feature of the L30 Ultra is its conditional security capabilities, leveraging the onboard camera for remote monitoring of the premises. Users can access the camera feed remotely, ensuring peace of mind and real-time surveillance of their surroundings.

Dreame L30 Ultra: Cleaning

Upon activation, whether manually via the application or schedule-based, the L30 Ultra initiates its cleaning routine with a meticulous algorithm. The robot meticulously surveys the terrain, creating a detailed map and marking obstacles and discovered objects for precise navigation. Thanks to its high accuracy, the L30 Ultra can identify objects with remarkable precision, although some common items like shoes or cables may occasionally be misinterpreted.

Dreame L30 Ultra Review: The most efficient robot vacuum cleaner

With its perimeter cleaning feature, the L30 Ultra systematically collects dirt along the edges of the room, ensuring no corner is left untouched. Utilizing a zigzag motion, the robot seamlessly transitions between dry and wet cleaning modes, providing comprehensive cleaning for various surfaces.

After completing its cleaning cycle, the L30 Ultra intelligently navigates back to its docking station. Notably, during wet cleaning, the robot may return to the base multiple times to clean the mop, preventing the spread of dirt and ensuring optimal cleanliness.

An exciting addition to the L30 Ultra is the inclusion of backlight lamps, significantly enhancing object recognition, even in low-light conditions.

Dreame L30 Ultra Review: The most efficient robot vacuum cleaner

When it comes to handling pet hair and debris, the L30 Ultra excels. Its robust suction power of 7300 Pa effortlessly captures and contains hair and debris, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Furthermore, the design of the brush minimizes hair entanglement, simplifying maintenance and ensuring consistent performance.

In terms of noise level, the L30 Ultra impresses with its quiet operation. The redesigned body effectively muffles noise, resulting in a low-frequency hum rather than disruptive whistling, enhancing the overall cleaning experience.


However, the true highlight of the Dreame L30 Ultra lies in its innovative self-cleaning feature, which revolutionizes maintenance and upkeep. Upon returning to the docking station, the L30 Ultra initiates a comprehensive self-cleaning process, seamlessly handling multiple tasks simultaneously.

Dust and debris are efficiently transferred from the robot container to the dust bag at the base station, ensuring optimal cleanliness and hygiene. The mop cloths undergo a thorough cleaning and rinsing process, facilitated by hot water and optional cleaning agents for superior results.

Dreame L30 Ultra Review: The most efficient robot vacuum cleaner

Furthermore, the self-cleaning mechanism includes a drying phase, where warm air is gently blown onto the mop cloths, expediting the drying process and ensuring they are ready for future use in a matter of hours.

The integration of self-cleaning capabilities, combined with the option to connect to a water supply system, transforms cleaning into a virtually automated process. With minimal intervention required from the user, the Dreame L30 Ultra offers a hassle-free solution for maintaining a clean and pristine living environment.

Battery life

The Dreame L30 Ultra is equipped with a 6400 mAh battery. Outpacing many competitors, this high-capacity battery ensures offering up to 180 minutes of cleaning in mixed vacuum and mop mode or an impressive 260 minutes in quiet mode.

Dreame L30 Ultra Review: The most efficient robot vacuum cleaner

The L30 Ultra’s battery charging time is equally impressive, taking only about 3-4 hours to reach full capacity.

Dreame L30 Ultra: Conclusion

The Dreame L30 Ultra stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in the realm of robot vacuum cleaners. With its advanced features, intelligent navigation, and powerful cleaning capabilities, the L30 Ultra offers a superior cleaning experience that exceeds expectations.

From its sleek design to its user-friendly interface, the L30 Ultra embodies the perfect balance of form and function. Equipped with a high-capacity 6400 mAh battery, it delivers extended cleaning sessions, ensuring thorough cleanliness across even the largest of spaces. Whether in mixed vacuum and mop mode or in quiet mode, the L30 Ultra excels, providing exceptional performance without compromise.

The L30 Ultra’s advanced navigation system and object recognition technology ensure precise cleaning, while its ability to adapt to various surfaces and lighting conditions further enhances its effectiveness. With features like perimeter cleaning and a zigzag cleaning motion, no corner goes untouched, leaving your home impeccably clean.

The L30 Ultra’s self-cleaning capabilities add another layer of convenience, making maintenance a breeze and ensuring optimal performance with every use. Whether it’s the efficient transfer of dirt to the base station, the thorough cleaning and rinsing of mop cloths, or the quick drying process, the L30 Ultra handles it all with ease.

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