Lenovo Legion Slim 7i Review: Thin, light but powerful!

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i Review: Thin, light but powerful!

Today we are reviewing a new portable gaming laptop called Lenovo Legion Slim 7i (2023). The Slim series, in addition to Lenovo’s gaming range alongside the Pro models, aims to offer a more streamlined and lightweight alternative for gamers who prioritize portability without sacrificing performance.

This model boasts a 16:10 aspect ratio, a design choice that aligns with current preferences in the gaming community. The 3200×2000 pixel resolution on the IPS panel ensures a crisp visual experience, emphasizing Lenovo’s commitment to delivering quality displays.

Despite its diminutive size, the Legion Slim 7i doesn’t compromise on power. Weighing in at a mere 2kg, it surprises with a robust aluminum chassis that not only contributes to its lightness but also adds a touch of durability. The internal components, featuring a 13th generation Intel processor and an Nvidia RTX 4070 graphics card, signify Lenovo’s dedication to providing cutting-edge technology even in a more compact form factor.

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i: Video Review

SpecsLenovo Legion Slim 7i
Processor13th Generation Intel Core i9-13900H
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 8GB
OSWindows 11
RAMUp to 32GB DDR5 5200MHz
StorageUp to 1TB PCIe SSD Gen 4
Audio2 x 2W Harman Speaker with Nahimic Audio
CameraFHD 1080p with E-Shutter and Tobii Horizon Support
BluetoothBluetooth 5.1
WiFiIntel WiFi 6E 802.11AX (2 x 2)
Display16″ 3.2K (3200 x 2000) IPS; 16:10, 100% DCl-P3, 430 nits, Dolby Vision
Dimensions17.6-19.9 x 357.7 x 259.3mm / 0.69-0.78 x 14.08 x 10.21 inch
WeightStarting at <2kg / 4.4 lbs
ColorStorm Grey

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i: Design

The Legion Slim 7i laptop boasts an all-metal body made from sandblasted aluminum and magnesium. Despite its slim design, weighing just under 2kg, the laptop manages to house a spacious 16-inch screen in a 16:10 format, delivering a stunning 3200x2000p resolution. The display features thin borders, enhancing the immersive gaming experience. At the top of the screen, a 1080p webcam equipped with two microphones allows for clear communication during gaming sessions or virtual meetings. The screen is cleverly raised above the hinge to optimize ventilation.

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i Review: Thin, light but powerful!

Efficient heat management is crucial for a gaming laptop, and Lenovo addresses this concern with strategically placed ventilation grilles above the keyboard and on the sides of the chassis. This design ensures that heat is evenly distributed, preventing any potential thermal throttling during demanding tasks.

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i Review: Thin, light but powerful!

A standout feature of the Legion Legion Slim 7i is its per-key RGB backlit keyboard, providing both functionality and style. Whether you’re typing away on work documents or engaging in a gaming marathon, the keyboard delivers a satisfying and customizable experience. Below the keyboard, the smooth and responsive trackpad adds to the overall usability of the laptop.

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i Review: Thin, light but powerful!

In terms of aesthetics, Lenovo has opted for a minimalist approach, with a subtle “Legion” logo on the matte black surface. This understated design makes the Legion Slim 7i an ideal companion for both professional and gaming environments. The circular power button, centered above the keyboard, adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design.

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i Review: Thin, light but powerful!

Considering the slim profile of the Legion Slim 7i, one might wonder about the available connections. Lenovo, however, leaves no room for disappointment, providing a comprehensive set of ports. The laptop includes 3 USB 3.2 ports, 1 USB-C port, 1 Thunderbolt port, 1 HDMI 2.1 port, a convenient SD card reader, and a 3.5mm jack port. This diverse selection ensures that whether you’re a dedicated gamer or a content creator, you have all the necessary ports to connect your peripherals without compromise.

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i Review: Thin, light but powerful!


Lenovo Legion Slim 7i has a classic LCD screen (IPS) with a rather unique matrix measuring 3200×2000 pixels. The screen is therefore slightly squarer than a classic gaming screen, thus following the path of its big brother – the Legion Pro – but also that of all the competition which now prefers to offer screens in 16:10 format for gaming video.

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i Review: Thin, light but powerful!

This ratio is now very well supported by games, even at high resolution. The more “square” format makes the machine more compact, while offering a 16-inch screen. Of course, the Legion Slim 7i remains a gaming laptop, with a brightness rating of 430 nits; for comparison, a MacBook Air can go up to 500 nits in light peaks. However, we can thank the matte panel which filters light reflections very well, the worst enemy of gamers.

The Legion Slim 7i screen is Dolby Vision certified, an HDR technology allowing the screen to achieve very deep blacks without bleeding out on other colors.

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i Review: Thin, light but powerful!

Another detail, this one more important for gamers, is the G-Sync compatibility of the screen, allowing the Nvidia graphics card to reduce latency as much as possible (including image tearing). If the technology is not enabled as standard, you can access the settings from the Nvidia Control Panel.


Lenovo Legion Slim 7i runs Windows 11, providing users with the latest features and a modern interface. Of course, there is Lenovo Vantage software, designed to make your life easier.

From monitoring the frequency of the CPU to keeping an eye on the GPU’s performance, the software provides a comprehensive overview of the laptop’s vital statistics. For gamers looking to push the boundaries of performance, Lenovo Vantage offers easy access to overclocking tools, allowing for a customized gaming experience.

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i Review: Thin, light but powerful!

Lenovo Vantage goes a step further by offering different modes to adapt the Legion Slim 7i: Performance Mode, Balanced Mode and Silent Mode. Users also have the flexibility to create a customized mode, tailoring the Legion Slim 7i to their specific preferences and requirements.

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i Review: Thin, light but powerful!

Beyond performance optimization, Lenovo Vantage serves as a hub for configuring keyboard shortcuts, providing a user-friendly interface for personalizing the Legion Slim 7i to suit individual gaming styles. 


The beating heart of the Lenovo Legion Slim 7i is its powerhouse processor, the Core i9 13900H from Intel’s 13th generation. This portable version of Intel’s most potent chip boasts an impressive 14 cores, comprising 6 Performance Cores and 8 Efficiency Cores. Leveraging the hybrid architecture of the 13th generation (Raptor Lake), this processor optimally handles the most demanding tasks. With a theoretical frequency ceiling of 5.4 GHz, the i9 13900H typically operates around 3.4 GHz during gaming, delivering an optimal balance between performance and power consumption.

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i Review: Thin, light but powerful!

In terms of heat, even when pushed to the limit, the i9 processor reaches a limit of around 90°C, which is quite respectable. Unfortunately, we noticed poor heat distribution within the chassis itself. The chip is located just below the power button, in the middle of the device, which results in much more intense heat dissipation at this level, despite vents present all around the chassis. So expect to feel a little heat under your finger on very demanding games.

Equipped with the Nvidia RTX 4070, this gaming laptop boasts 8 GB of GDDR6 video memory with a frequency unshackled at 115W. The expectations are high, and the in-game performance certainly lives up to the anticipation.

Backing up the graphics prowess is a PCIe 4.0 SSD, delivering read speeds of 6652 MB/s and write speeds of 4973 MB/s. While these figures are standard for a PCIe 4.0 SSD on a laptop, the Lenovo Legion Slim 7i ensures a swift and responsive gaming experience, leaving little room to discern differences from slightly more efficient models.

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i Review: Thin, light but powerful!

Emphasizing its dedication to gaming, Lenovo has not held back on the RTX 4070’s power, offering a 115W unlock when the laptop is connected to the mains.

To put the laptop to the test, benchmarks on the demanding Cyberpunk 2077 were conducted, evaluating performance with and without ray-tracing and DLSS 3 technology.

When harnessing Nvidia’s upscaling marvel, DLSS 3, alongside Ray-Tracing set to Ultra in a 3.2K resolution (3200×2000 pixels), the Legion Slim 7i impressively achieved an overall average of 52 fps. This exceptional performance is a testament to the capabilities of the RTX 4070, showcasing the laptop’s ability to handle the most demanding graphics settings.

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i Review: Thin, light but powerful!

However, without Ray-Tracing and the assistance of DLSS, the performance takes a significant hit, dropping to an average of 28 fps under the same graphics configurations. This stark difference underscores the significance of Nvidia’s DLSS technology in enhancing in-game performance.

In practical terms, the Lenovo Legion Slim 7i demonstrates its proficiency in handling recent AAA games, showing the capabilities of the RTX 4070. However, the very high resolution of the screen, while providing an immersive visual experience, can be a potential limitation.

Battery life

The Lenovo Legion Slim 7i battery has a 99.9Whr battery that can be charged quite quickly via Super Fast Charge technology.

In balanced mode while handling low-power office applications, the laptop may deliver up to 5 hours of battery life. 

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i Review: Thin, light but powerful!

Engaging in graphically demanding games significantly accelerates battery consumption. Therefore, users looking to enjoy extended gaming sessions will find it necessary to keep the Slim 7i plugged into the mains for optimal performance.

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i: Conclusion

The Lenovo Legion Slim 7i stands as a commendable gaming laptop that successfully marries performance with portability. Its sleek and clean design, coupled with a lightweight build, defies the stereotypical gaming laptop aesthetic.

Powered by an Intel Core i9 13900H processor and an Nvidia RTX 4070 graphics card, the Lenovo Legion Slim 7i delivers robust gaming performance and handles demanding professional tasks with ease. The numerous connectivity options, including USB 3.2, USB-C, Thunderbolt, HDMI 2.1, SD card reader, and a 3.5mm jack, make it a versatile machine suitable for both gaming and work.

The 16:10 ratio IPS panel with a 3.2K resolution and a 165Hz refresh rate contributes to an immersive and visually stunning display. The inclusion of a full keyboard, complete with per-key RGB backlighting, adds to the overall user experience.

However, the laptop is not without its flaws. The uneven distribution of heat within the chassis, particularly noticeable under heavy loads, may impact user comfort during prolonged gaming sessions.

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