Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ Review: Inexpensive, but powerful and effective

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ Review: Inexpensive, but powerful and effective

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ is a simplified but effective version of its X10+ counterpart. It offers a more affordable option for users who prioritize practicality over advanced features. Priced at €650, this robot vacuum stands out as a budget-friendly choice within Xiaomi’s extensive catalog, foregoing some high-end functionalities found in the X10+ model.

One notable omission is the absence of an automatic waste emptying and skate washing station, simplifying the device’s design. The charging station now serves solely for recharging the robot’s 5200 mAh battery. Despite skipping these premium features, the S10+ retains its washing system with rotating pads. To reduce the need for frequent maintenance, the dust collector and water tank have been upgraded to a larger capacity – 450 ml for dust and 200 ml for water.

Unlike the X10+, the S10+ does not feature a camera for recognizing obstacles. However, it compensates with a dedicated laser system, allowing precise obstacle detection and avoidance. While the S10+ lacks the ability to lift its mop, it intelligently bypasses carpets in wash mode, maintaining efficient floor cleaning.

The technical specifications of the Robot Vacuum S10+ closely mirror those of the X10+, including a powerful suction capability of 4000 Pa. 

Xiaomi’s strategy with the S10+ is apparent – it aims to offer a straightforward and affordable robot vacuum without overwhelming users with advanced features. While it may not introduce groundbreaking innovations to the market, the S10+ is designed for a broader audience seeking a user-friendly and cost-effective floor mopping solution.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+: Video Review

SpecsXiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+
Dimensions Robot Vacuum350 × 350 × 97 mm
Dimensions Charging Base 130 × 126 × 93 mm
Net Weight (with Accessories)4.4 kg
Weight Robot Vacuum3.8 kg
Battery5200 mAh
Charging TimeApprox. 6 hours
Battery Life180 minutes
Dustbin capacity450ml
Water tank200ml
Suction Power4000Pa
Drop sensorUsed to detect steps and drops
Ultrasonic sensorUsed to identify carpet material
LDS laser sensorUsed in image formation
Line laser sensorUsed to detect small obstacles
AI Visual identification sensorUsed to detect certain obstacles and furniture.
IMU SensorRobot vacuum motion status detection
Drive wheel lift sensorUsed to detect if drive wheel is off the ground
Air pressure sensorTest for dust collection capacity and blocked ducts
Extended edge sensorUsed along the wall

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+: Design

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ may not evoke strong emotions upon unboxing, but its unassuming appearance conceals a well-built and robust device. The round, white design is reminiscent of many other robot vacuum models on the market, showcasing familiarity rather than novelty. Nevertheless, the build quality is commendable, reflecting a sturdy construction.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ Review: Inexpensive, but powerful and effective

At the top of the robot vacuum, laser sensors are strategically positioned within a housing, enabling the creation of both 2D and 3D maps of the living space during the initial cleaning pass. Positioned in the front bumper is a LiDAR camera, contributing to spatial navigation and obstacle detection. These advanced features showcase the device’s capability to intelligently maneuver and efficiently clean various surfaces.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ Review: Inexpensive, but powerful and effective

Upon lifting the hood, the two tanks are revealed. The first, with a 450 mL capacity, collects dust and debris during the vacuuming process. Behind it is the water tank, with a 200 mL volume, facilitating wet cleaning of floors. While the dust tank’s capacity is adequate, the water tank’s size might be considered somewhat limited for regular use, requiring frequent refilling.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ Review: Inexpensive, but powerful and effective

Delving further into the design, the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ employs a brush configuration aimed at maximizing efficiency. The main brush combines rubber blades and nylon bristles, a tried-and-true formula seen in many mid-range robot vacuum cleaners. The motorized, round mops enhance floor washing effectiveness, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ Review: Inexpensive, but powerful and effective

The charging station for Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ is compact, its dimensions are only 130 × 126 × 93 mm. While it serves solely for recharging the vacuum cleaner, its small size allows for versatile placement within a home, especially advantageous for those residing in smaller living spaces.


The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ offers users a versatile cleaning experience with its four suction modes, allowing adaptation to various cleaning needs. The default Standard mode provides a balanced performance for moderately dirty homes. It efficiently tackles common household debris like dust, crumbs, and pet hair, showcasing ample power for regular floor maintenance.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ Review: Inexpensive, but powerful and effective

For quieter and less demanding cleaning sessions, the Eco mode proves to be a valuable option. While less powerful, it maintains effectiveness for daily cleaning tasks, efficiently handling smaller debris that accumulates on floors over time. The Strong and Turbo modes, on the other hand, deliver higher suction power for more intensive cleaning sessions, ideal for tackling larger messes or pet-related challenges.

In Standard mode, the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ demonstrates commendable results, offering optimal performance for routine cleaning tasks. However, for heavy-duty weekly cleaning or specific situations, the Max and Turbo modes can be employed. It’s noteworthy that for daily use, pushing the motor to its maximum capacity may not be necessary, highlighting the efficiency of the device even in its default mode.

The robot vacuum also includes a carpet mode, automatically activating higher suction when detecting the presence of a carpet. While effective on bare floors, the performance on carpets might be suboptimal, leaving some debris embedded in the fibers.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ Review: Inexpensive, but powerful and effective

Maintenance considerations include attention to the main brush, which, while not of exemplary quality, performs adequately. Regular cleaning is advised, especially when dealing with animal hair or textile debris that may become entangled in the brush. Disassembling the brush for thorough cleaning ensures consistent and optimal long-term performance.

In terms of noise, the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ is relatively discrete in Standard mode. While noticeable, the noise level is not intrusive, eliminating the need for ear protection or headphones while the robot is in operation.


The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ employs a laser navigation system to orient itself within a space, enabling it to create a map of the areas it traverses. This technology, common among entry-level robot vacuum cleaners, is enhanced by the integration of a LiDAR camera, which serves the dual purpose of aiding in spatial navigation and detecting obstacles in its path. Notably, the S10+ does not feature an artificial intelligence object recognition system.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ Review: Inexpensive, but powerful and effective

During its cleaning cycle, the S10+ follows a systematic route, initially focusing on the perimeters of each room before addressing the central areas, resembling corridors. The robot’s movements are precise and relatively swift, ensuring thorough coverage of the cleaning space.

However, a drawback becomes evident in the form of frequent collisions with low-lying objects. Despite the integrated detection system, the robot vacuum appears to overlook smaller obstacles, colliding with them without much caution. This can be a concern for items like chair legs, which may endure repeated impacts during cleaning cycles. On the flip side, when faced with larger objects, the S10+ demonstrates more careful navigation, actively avoiding collisions before resuming its cleaning path.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ Review: Inexpensive, but powerful and effective

One notable feature, typical of Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners, is the availability of a hidden option within the mobile application settings. This feature allows users to access a remote control, enabling manual guidance of the robot within the house. Users can steer the S10+ to specific locations, adding a layer of convenience and control to its overall functionality.


The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ seamlessly integrates with the Xiaomi Home application, serving as the companion software to enhance user interaction and control over the robot vacuum. 

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ Review: Inexpensive, but powerful and effective

Upon launching the application, users are greeted with the home page, featuring the housing map and various buttons for initiating cleaning cycles. Users have the option to start a complete cleaning session or clean specific rooms by selecting the corresponding areas on the map. Additionally, the application allows users to draw custom cleaning zones, providing a tailored approach to cleaning specific areas within the home. The panel at the bottom of the window conveniently facilitates the selection of suction power levels and enables users to determine the sequence in which the robot vacuum cleaner navigates through different rooms.

A consolidated settings menu offers access to additional customization options. Users can schedule cleaning sessions, activate and configure the “Do not disturb” mode, and make modifications to the generated map. 

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ Review: Inexpensive, but powerful and effective

One notable feature of the Xiaomi Home application is its ability to create cleaning zones and define prohibited zones. This level of customization allows users to direct the robot vacuum to focus on specific areas or avoid certain regions, adding a practical layer of control to the cleaning process. Furthermore, users can assign names to each room, choosing from suggested labels or inputting personalized names, enhancing the overall organization and management of the cleaning routine.

Floor washing

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ offers a very small water tank, with a capacity of only 200 mL. Suffice to say that you will have to fill it very regularly in your sink, via the small trapdoor located above the accessory. Xiaomi nevertheless assures that the robot vacuum cleaner can clean an area of 150 m² once the tank is filled.

The two pads supplied with the robot vacuum cleaner are machine washable or hand washable with detergent, and we advise you, again, to clean them often to remove hairs and embedded dirt.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ Review: Inexpensive, but powerful and effective

After several runs during our test, we can see that the performance of the floor mopping robot is rather satisfactory. Thanks to the two rotating mops, the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner is effective in removing light marks, such as those left by shoes on tiles. On dirtier floors, such as a kitchen, the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ remains efficient. More stubborn marks, like oil stains or dried food, will stay on the floor, but for the rest, the robot vacuum cleaner is surprisingly convincing. 

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ does not offer a mop lifting system, unlike many of its competitors in the same price range. The robot thus deposits water in all the rooms during its comings and goings, which tends to leave some traces on the floor. Also, the robot vacuum cleaner will not be able to vacuum a carpet when it is in floor washing mode. You will therefore have to restart a cycle without mops to clean it. It’s very impractical on a daily basis.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ Review: Inexpensive, but powerful and effective

The Xiaomi Home mobile app offers three pad humidification levels: Low, Medium (the default mode) and High. If you want to remove as many traces as possible, we advise you to immediately activate this last mode, even if it means refilling the water tank more regularly.

As is often the case, it is not possible to use a detergent solution with the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+, which will use cold water to wash the floors. This feature is therefore useful for a daily refresh, but will not save you from more intensive washing of your floor by hand.


The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ is equipped with a substantial 5,200 mAh battery, providing a commendable level of endurance during cleaning sessions.

Throughout various cleaning cycles conducted in Standard mode, the robot vacuum displayed impressive durability. Operating for approximately 30 minutes led to a modest 20% reduction in battery capacity. While Xiaomi replaces the percentage indicator with five notches, making it challenging to determine precise figures, it can be reasonably inferred that the S10+ offers a battery life ranging from two to two and a half hours in total.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ Review: Inexpensive, but powerful and effective

One notable feature contributing to the device’s autonomy is its ability to autonomously return to the charging station when the battery level is low. 

However, it’s worth noting that the charging process itself is relatively time-consuming. Going from 0% to a full 100% charge takes approximately six hours. While the extended battery life compensates for the lengthier charging time, users should plan accordingly to ensure the robot vacuum is ready for its next cleaning cycle.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+: Conclusion

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ presents itself as a reliable and practical floor mopping robot vacuum cleaner. While the device may not introduce groundbreaking innovations, it successfully incorporates expected features at a budget-friendly price point.

In terms of suction power, the S10+ may not boast the highest in the robot vacuum sector, but it proves sufficient for everyday cleaning tasks within the home. The battery life aligns with these capabilities, delivering a duration that is well-suited for most interiors. The inclusion of a laser navigation system with object detection adds to the device’s effectiveness, ensuring precise movements despite occasional oversights on lower obstacles.

Despite being a budget-friendly option, some concessions are apparent, especially in the floor washing functionality. The rotary cloths, while effective for addressing light marks, may fall short when confronted with more stubborn stains. In essence, the S10+ delivers on the basics, making it a practical and accessible option for those seeking a reliable robot vacuum cleaner without breaking the bank.

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